Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 14

Cute:) Your new thing this week is spitting ha ha. You have figured it out and think it's hilarious. I call you my little camel :) It's like a fine mist spray - and you do it all the time!

Genna said 'can I be in the picture too?'

Cute shirt but Soooooo not true! He is the drooliest baby ever this week - I can't leave him more than a few minutes without a bib or we need an outfit change!
The hair bow combination Genna picked out for gymnastics

I LOVE it!! (and I got comments from a few people how they were impressed that Max slept through the whole thing in his carseat - attached to the stroller!)

Waiting for our turn at the dentist - I thought they just looked sweet:)

Still a great sleeper in his carseat :)

Before bath I always hold him up to the mirror and he LOVES looking at himself and bouncing up and down! Hard to catch a smile in a picture (as he stares at the camera!) but he LOVES it!

Frozen girl checking out the frozen display at the shops :)

Fun carousel ride

Chubby cheek baby chewing on his fist :)

Spider web girl at the park with Dadda :)
I said to Genna the other evening 'I'm glad you had fun with Dadda today' She replied 'I really did!'
I said 'He loves you very much' and she replied 'He really does' :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

13 Weeks / 3 Months

Ahhh such a sweet little face

SO happy

Our HAPPY man!

First trip to the beach, and first time sitting up in his stroller facing out! 

In Manly with Aunty Helen!
Beach pants :)

It was an exhausting day for everyone :) (and a peaceful drive home!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 12

12 Weeks !

chilly enough for a hat by the beach :)

The box she decorated herself with glitter glue - fun!
watching Mama hang laundry outside to dry, loving this hot sunny weather!
Ahhhh lots of love there
Baby cuddle selfie
Curlers! (thanks Grandma :)
SO SO excited about the curls!!!

Getting her fringe (bangs) cut :)
Happy boy!

Sister & brother cuddles

Us talking to each other through a tube :)
ahhhhhh tired man

At the playschool show

Genna and her friend James (and Helen) got to meet the stars of the show - they were thrilled!
Someone LOVES Frozen :)
and laughing at funny Dadda :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 11

This week we went to the American consulate to get Max's birth certificate of a citizen born abroad and his passport. They gave him his first American flag too!

Big sister got a treat afterwards for being so good and patient

More plaits for school!

Loving playing on his mat
Face painting at the RSL for school holidays

They had a magic show too - a fun morning out!
HAPPY baby! He has started doing a 6 hour sleep from 7ish pm, then 3-4 hour blocks from then til morning. He seems SO happy when he wakes up - we all are happier with this great sleep!

Cool dude

What's she doing in my picture? ha ha

Fast asleep :)

Super Max to the rescue!
And some videos - trying to capture his laughing/talking :)