Monday, October 30, 2017

Final catch up from the summer!

I found a few more photos - so will try to catch up now :)

Murray & I went up to LA for a night to see Jason Mraz

Party at the pool for Genna's 7th birthday - celebrating a day early on 4th of July

With friends Ella & Harper

friend Jenny too :)

A Barbie names Genevieve!!! too cool

Picked her own beanie boos with bday money :)

First trip to Sea World!

Gorgeous Coronado

At the zoo :)

New student open day at Genna's school

Lunch at the Corvette Café - SO fun

and that was summer 2017 - very very fun :)

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Huge catch up

Huntington beach, on our way up to LA we stopped there for lunch

At the Hollywood bowl - SUCH a cool venue

We had fab seats!!
YAY Jason Mraz!

Scenic view driving back to San Diego

Stopped for nachos - we shared this obviously -OMG

The traffic going the other way -TO los angeles was horrible as usual!
Some poses at Coronado

Birthday celebrations at Chuck-E-Cheese

3 !

They had the BEST time! So many fun games, pizza, cake & presents -
as Genna says 'best birthday ever!' :)

back at home doing fun birthday crafts!

She made one with her friend Siraj who lives by us as well

Car Wash! so fun to watch :)

Catching up with friends who were down from LA and have a 7 and 3 year old too!

Max and Brayden

Genna & Kayla

Back at our own pool on a friend's floatie

Down at Del Mar beach

They spend hours digging holes!

Saying goodbye for the day to Dadda & Genna

She LOVES riding with him

Fairy garden complete


such a fun fun summer with Grandma!

Asleep with a 'few' Babas :)

dinner in our robes after swimming

water table fun

lots of fun playgrounds around to check out

sometimes when we were up WAY too early, we'd walk down to starbucks

Max usually didn't want to change out of his pjs and brought a lot of cars - fun!!

Men building a new stairway - Max was fascianated

Nice to have Grandpa visit too

Sea World fun - Max LOVED the Orca show

They had rides there too - we went on each at least twice

Down at La Jolla shores beach with Grandma & Grandpa

They had a nice playground there too

They love digging - best beach toys we have ever purchased!!

New dinosaur tails from Aunty Jani - so cute!

Last day of the first term of soccer :)

terrible picture with the sun! but posing with coach Jenny

Genna posing with her team too :) They had a great time
Dr. Genevieve

she's a beanie boo specialist :)

fun movie days with Grandma

they used the pool ALOT this summer!

At the toy train museum in Balboa Park

The setup there is amazing - there must be a dozen huge tracks

as of this summer she can do the monkey bars all on her own - awesome!

me at work with a reflection of the eclipse that an engineer set up by our office

I didn't have the right filter to take an actual picture :)

Visiting Grandpa's friend in La Jolla -Genna says wow I could live here -umm yea so could I - what a view!

sibling cuddles

proud of his new shoes and with his favorite toy duster ha ha!