Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week 9 / 10

Catchup yet again! Some of these first photos are quite a few weeks old, but I wanted to post them anyway :)

9 Weeks :)

Also this week - 2 Months !
Bouncing him so I could finish making dinner! Although this was last week and we now have a better bedtime routine so I can make dinner most nights with him already in bed:)

He LOVES watching  his sister!

Genna has decided to grow out her fringe (bangs) - so we're trying to find ways to keep it out of her eyes as it's just at a shaggy stage right now
 I love my plait! (braid)
Bath time together is FUN! Max has the BEST time. He anticipates it now and gets SO excited. He kicks the entire time and watches Genna with wide eyes. You can tell it's definitely his favourite part of the day :)
Cuddle selfie - he's getting SO big!
Cuddles with Clara, Genna & Amelia
Entertaining with Baba

Where's my hand? He tries constantly to get it in his mouth and it's a slobbery mess when he figures it out!

Or maybe just a finger!

Harder to get a good photo of them now that he's moving around SO much!
Going up to the Opera  House from the parking garage

I forgot her sunnies in the car - opps! Max's first trip to the Opera House!

And the harbour bridge - he slept the entire time!

We went to see the baby proms show 'Bollywood Baby' - it was fantastic! We loved the Indian instruments and costumes and dancing!!
Afterwards we had to go get a correction made to Max's birth certificate (my mistake....) Genna was so patient waiting the lady asked if she wanted a stamp then gave her this - ha ha!

Don't mind the laundry drying ha ha! It was just such a beautiful Spring day we went outside for a bit of sun

Our backyard is a work in progress - but the tiles are FAB!!!

Genna says every morning 'I love you Maxy forever'
She told me the other night in the bath 'Max said he promised not to cry all night and if does good I will give him a medal' Umm yea that'd be nice!
He's such a happy baby.  LOVES his play mat and batting at the toys! He is talking like crazy in the last week or two - especially to Dadda. When he holds him he immediately starts cooing and copying the noises Murray makes.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Final Catchup and Week 7/ 8

a final few catchup pics from my phone
An old pic - off to the park!

Genetics!! Check out that thumb - both Genna and I do that too

Entertaining 'Maxy' as she likes to say

Waiting in line at the aquarium

the displays were really the PERFECT height for her

She LOVED this big window too - amazing display

He looks like he's plotting something ha ha

Fancy lady at the zoo

The giraffe is peeking at us!

dude, sometimes I like to ride

Dressed up - for Easter apparently!

Fancy in my suit

Play dough letters with Grandma

Out to dinner! SUCH a fun night :)

First sleep in his big cot (crib)

First smile I managed to catch on camera!

Dance poses :)

I love that I can see his face on this monitor! Nice to know all is well without running up and down stairs! 

First bottle - with big sister's help!

Fancy stamp lady

He's getting big!

First passport picture!

Roller stamps - SO fun!

Happy boy :)
Happily sleeping in the carrier on Mama :)

And happily sleeping in the stroller out at the mall

Princess puzzle!!

I'm starting to grip things now!

I found my hand!


At the beach with Dadda, so Mama can nap at home with Max

Ready for a walk to the park!

7 Weeks!

Happy :)

Week 8

He has started really responding and starting to talk this week! Occasionally we get a little sound in return and he watches my mouth intently as I speak. We have even had a few little laughs - so sweet!

I don't know if it's being a second baby or that we're more relaxed about things, but wow he's a good baby.

SO happy :)

Loves kicking on his mat!